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At Bausley Home Loans & Realty, we understand that different clients have different mortgage needs. Below, you’ll find the mortgage services that we offer.

Think big with a jumbo loan.

If you have good credit and sold finances, you may be looking for a luxury home: a big piece of property, something in an expensive area, or both. Typical lending packages aren’t designed to handle the large loans required to finance these purchases, which means you’ll need to get a jumbo loan.

When a loan is larger than the limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, it becomes a jumbo loan. This means it can’t be handled by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the U.S. government’s home loan entities. Jumbo loans are generally used to finance high-end real estate purchases.



Get flexible terms with one of the most diverse mortgage types.

Conventional loans offer flexibility. Whether you want a low downpayment, you want to avoid paying mortgage insurance, or you have a specific payment timeframe in mind, there’s a conventional loan well-suited for you. If you have the right financial history, a conventional loan can give you the best deal for your mortgage.

Most loan types are backed by a government agency (e.g. the Federal Housing Administration or the Department of Veteran Affairs). Conventional loans are backed by no one, meaning you’ll have to pay mortgage insurance if you aren’t able to put down at least 20%.

Get a home loan designed for people with lower incomes or credit scores.

Lower income families may have trouble qualifying for a home, but that doesn’t make it impossible. If you’re struggling to save up for your downpayment or you haven’t established more than two lines of credit, a Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loan may be a good option for you.

The FHA offers loans that require low downpayments. As well, you may be eligible even if you have a lower credit score. The exact requirements vary by state, but they’re designed to help people who need more time to pay down their loan.



Get a $0 down mortgage, as thank you for your service.

Service members and their families deserve special consideration when applying for a loan. If you’ve served in the military, you probably won’t be expected to give a down payment. As well, you won’t be required to pay monthly mortgage insurance. These loans offer such good deals because they’re backed by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

At Bausley Home Loans & Realty , we’re proud to say we work with veterans every step of the way during the loan application process. We’ll guide you through requirements, documentation, and more.

Get a direct, short-term loan and avoid the red tape of bank loans.

Sometimes, you can’t wait to get a loan. If you’re competing with other buyers for a property, or you simply don’t want to deal with all the red tape, you may be able to get a hard money loan in a matter of days. This is incredible when compared to the weeks or months you usually have to wait for other loan types.

These loans can be so fast because they’re provided by private investors. The lending terms are usually set by the value of the property you’re buying, not your credit score. While you pay interest every month, the balloon payment means you only repay the principal at the end of your loan term.

Hard Money

Mortgage (HECM)

Maintain your current quality of life by borrowing against the value of your home.

Mortgages allow you to get money in order to buy your home. Reverse mortgages, then, allow you to get money without selling your home. They’re generally used for people who are at least 62 years of age. Though they seem complicated, the right mortgage expert can help you maintain your current quality of life.

Homeowners who are at least 62 years of age may have a cashflow problem: even though they have good finances on paper, turning these finances into usable cash would require selling their home. A reverse mortgage allows you to access the value of your home without selling.


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