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Get flexible terms with one of the most diverse
mortgage types.

You Deserve a Mortgage Tailor to Your Needs

Conventional loans offer flexibility. Whether you want a low downpayment, you want to avoid paying mortgage insurance, or you have a specific payment timeframe in mind, there’s a conventional loan well-suited for you. If you have the right financial history, a conventional loan can give you the best deal for your mortgage.

What is a Conventional Loan?

Most loan types are backed by a government agency (e.g. the Federal Housing Administration or the Department of Veteran Affairs). Conventional loans are backed by no one, meaning you’ll have to pay mortgage insurance if you aren’t able to put down at least 20%.

Do I Qualify for a Conventional Loan?

Because conventional loans aren’t backed by a government agency, they tend to have higher credit score requirements. Even if you meet the bare minimum guidelines, you may be able to get a better interest rate with an FHA loan. By working with Bausley Home Loans & Realty, you’ll be able to find the most cost-effective mortgage.

Why work with a broker?

Some home buyers wonder if it’s necessary to work with a mortgage broker. After all, if you speak with banks or other lending agencies, they’ll be more than happy to offer their products to you. The problem is simple: they’re all trying to sell you something.
They want you to buy the loan that will make them the most money, not the loan that will help you invest in your future. When you work with the right mortgage broker, you gain an advocate who can cut through sales talk and legalese to find your best options.
When you choose  Bausley Home Loans & Realty, we’ll work within your budget to determine how you can get the property you’re looking for. Combining this empathetic listening with our skills and experience, we’ll make sure you’re the one getting a good deal. That’s the Bausley Home Loans & Realty promise.

Trust the Mortgage Experts

Prompt Loans

Once we understand your situation, we work quickly but thoroughly to find the best loan for you.

Working For You

Don't let a banker limit your options. Hire someone who's looking out for your interests throughout the process.

Friendly support

Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need.

Great Value

Find the lowest possible interest rates with us and watch your new home appreciate in value over time!

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