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About Us

Bausley Home Loans & Realty is dedicated to helping California residents get a good loan

Looking for the best mortgage options for first-time buyers in California? If so, you need to find a mortgage broker who’s familiar with the area. Someone who’s helped people just like you get the money they need to buy a new property. There are a variety of pitfalls that can occur when trying to get a loan: banks that are trying to set terms designed in favor of the lender, regulations that determine what loans you are or aren’t eligible for. There are even occasions where someone’s credit report is wrong, making it difficult for them to get the loan they deserve.

Regardless of the problems you’re facing when trying to find a loan, you’ll want someone who’s helped people just like you. Someone who’s familiar with the lending system and someone who understands the needs of California residents. Bausley Home Loans & Realty has built trust in the California community by always endeavoring to make sure our client’s needs are met. We’re dedicated to finding the best loans available for our clients, and we’re not afraid to help during the negotiating process.

At Bausley Home Loans & Realty , our mission is simple. During the mortgage application process, we’re your advocate. Whatever financing goals you have, it’s our job to fulfill them. This means getting the money you need. There are a variety of different loan types available on the market today, as well as many different lenders. This makes mortgage lending a “buyer’s market”, essentially. Our expertise allows us to determine what’s possible for you when applying for a new loan.

Roger Bausley
Founder and CEO.

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Once we understand your situation, we work quickly but thoroughly to find the best loan for you.

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Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need.

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Don't let a banker limit your options. Hire someone who's looking out for your interests throughout the process.

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Find the lowest possible interest rates with us and watch your new home appreciate in value over time!

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